Dec 24, 2006

Meet Lilli Bear

Lilli Bear is a 3-year old Pekingese mix that came to GADAB in November because of an animal abuse charge. She has a blue eye and a brown eye and a condition with her mouth that keeps her tongue hanging out at all times. She was very scared when she first arrived but has warmed up to us. She loves going out to the training yard and getting her belly scratched.

Dec 21, 2006

Happy News To Report!!! Franco's Adopted

I received word today that Franco's been adopted. This is terrific news and something we see all too little of at Give a Dog a Bone. His owner has given up all claims on him and he's been taken in by a nice young couple who has a soft spot for older dogs. Good luck to you, Franco

Dec 16, 2006

Picture of the Day

Water Water Everwhere...and a little drool, too
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Meet Murphy

Murphy is a decidedly young-for-his age 12-year old English Bulldog who came to GADAB in early 2006 as part of a cruelty case. Murphy arrived at the shelter with his friend, Seymour, a 12-year old Yorkie and yes, they made quite a pair. Murphy has a touch of arthritis but that doesn't stop him from using our agility course (he loves the seesaw) or from breaking into short sprints when he's outside. Murphy's happiest when he wears his red bandana and people tell him he's handsome.

Dec 15, 2006

Meet Franco

Franco's what we call a frequent flyer at GADAB. He's been with us repeatedly since 2004 because his owner abandons him. He's an 11-year old Cocker Spaniel who's almost entirely deaf and suffers from horrible warts on his feet. He's still a sweet old guy, though, who really likes nothing more than taking short breaks outside and getting scratched behind the ears. We're hoping that this time around things will change for Franco and he won't have to go back to his owner.

Picture of the Day

Good luck today, Minna and Momo!!
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Dec 13, 2006

Picture of the Day

Imagine what he does with his food
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A shower? No, I don't need one. Why do you ask?

Bear and her colleague, Little Papa, came to GADAB a few weeks back and we take them out to the yard together. Bear's a pitbull and Little Papa's a boxer which makes for some fairly energetic outings that generally involve lots of flying objects and tugging. The dogs play well together and pretty much go full tilt until they're completely exhausted. Bear is a smart dog and picks up on things quickly -- especially if the reward includes a ball toss or game of tug-of-war. Right now we're working hard on getting her to stop pulling on leash and to wait at doors.

That may be the fattest tongue ever

Little Papa, one our newer arrivals, takes a break after a long outing in the training park. He and his friend, Bear, a pitbull joined us last month. They both are heavily into chasing tennis balls and playing tug-of-war but Little Papa generally doesn't emerge victorious. He's good natured about it, though and just enjoys the activity. You can see more shots of him in action here.

Dec 12, 2006

GADAB's Going Hi-Tech

Give a Dog a Bone has joined the 21st Century. We have a blog!!!! This is going to be a group effort with several of us posting. We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions as we wade into these new waters.

There's a lot of cool stuff you can find on this thing. We've got a new slideshow up on the top right side that's pulling in photos of all the dogs directly from flickr. In addition, there's now a way to donate to GADAB by buying photos of any of the dogs. You can do this by going to
this gallery and picking the dog or dogs you're interested in. All their photos are grouped by animal.

We'll be adding lots of stuff to the site in the weeks to come and are open to your suggestions. Just post them by comment.

Picture of the Day

Momo Resplendent
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The Mighty Momo

Momo's one of GADAB's longer-term dogs. He and his sister, Minna, have been with us since November 2005 as a result of a cruelty investigation. When Momo arrived he didn't really have any training at all. Over the last year we've taught him a lot, basics like sit and stay as well as more complicated behaviors like using the agility course. He's improved dramatically--so much so that he's now able to go outside in our training yard without a muzzle.

Minna's Out Walking!!

Meet Minna. She's a GADAB longtimer and been with us since November 2005 as part of a cruelty investigation. She's also a classic example of how well this program can work. When Minna arrived with her brother, Momo, she was terrified of everything and it was all we could do to get her to leave her bed. Over the last 13 months we've coaxed her out of her shell and taught her to be more self-confident and trusting. She's very, very smart and picks up on new behaviors very quickly. She's made such great strides that we now actually take her for out-of-shelter walks. This is already helping with her socialization needs since she's meeting other dogs and people.

Check out Minna's gallery.