May 27, 2007

We're Jumping For Joy

Give a Dog a Bone would like to extend a thankful paw to the good folks at the Severns Family Foundation for their generous grant to GADAB. We appreciate their ongoing support and interest in what we do. Their contribution will help us not only continue to improve the quality of life for the long-term shelter dogs at the San Francisco municipal shelter but also allow GADAB to better share its practices with other animal agencies nationwide.

1 comment:

Corinne said...

Big dogs, fearful dogs, adolescent dogs, small dogs, puppies, dogs with an attitude, dogs we can teach, dogs we love for no reason, dogs we coax for kisses, dogs who stay for a while, too long, dogs who surprise us - dogs who never will stop coming. Our dogs, and more - the bigger picture.

Thanks, Severns. You've made a difference.