Dec 4, 2007

Happy Holidays

Have you ever seen a grumpier reindeer?
Meet Blackie, a dear shepherd mix who's in our care at GADAB.

Blackie endured a photographers's orders and props today and I have to say the results were worth it.

Happy holidays


SJ said...

What? Blackie didn't want any part of your reindeer games??

It's cuz yer not itching his behind at the same time he had to wear horns:)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Blackie!

You are adorable with your beige and brown reindeer chapeau. Thanks for being so charming in this photo. You know how to make a merry holiday season. We send you lots of gentle pats and smiles. Love, Auntie Theresa

Paul said...

Are the picture is for real? Hehe. Really nice picture. Thank you for sharing. I wonder what would i do if i came across to meet Blackie.. :) -paul