May 7, 2008

Truly happy endings

Here's a couple of tails that we'd like to share with you. Recently we made it down to visit a couple of our former residents and wow - sometimes its hard to express how joyful and how satisfying it is to see them in their forever homes. It just feels so good. Dogs that we've worked with, that we've played with, marvelous dogs that we have to see in their kennels day after day - are finally where they should be - in a home, a real home, with people who adore them

Here's Cali aka Coco (at the SPCA) aka Stoney (at ACC) at the park where she goes every day with her two moms. How well loved is she? We showed them her outstanding ball tricks and they had a couple new ones to show us. Cali was so happy to see us, happy memories from her past and it was wonderful to love her up again and toss some balls for her.

Remember Frankie with the hot pink neckpiece (who's been on our website forever) ? Well, he's still Frankie, still a ball champ, well loved and understood by his guardians. No more hot pink for the now grown-up, still playful, and well-mannered Frankie. His personal scrapbook is a work of art, well designed and meant to be pored over at length by his proud "parents". We visited him at the home of his favorite pals, where he makes himself right at home with the four labradors who own the house. Doted upon, well-exercised, and well managed, we couldn't have imagined a better home for our Frankie.

After a hot retreiving session, Frankie lays down for a well-deserved rest and waits for someone to notice how cute he is.

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