Mar 8, 2008

Jojo FINALLY leaves life in the shelter

Jojo is going to foster today!!!!! Grateful Dogs Rescue and I have been coordinating this for how long (?) and it is finally happening. Yay!!!!. Since mid-December, our affable, very large GSD/Akita mix, has been howling for this very thing to happen. We've been listening, big fellow, and how it hurt our ears.

Ok. Now. He is gone. Out of here! We went to the shelter park for his afternoon outing, where we met up with his foster mom, I gave her some Jojo tips and my phone #, GDR got him some fabulous food, a new bed, toys, and he jumped right into the back seat of the car, settled himself in the middle in a princely manner with his favorite yucky soft donut ring beside him, and off they went. I cannot express how I feel about him getting out of here into a good home.

And - for the icing on the cake . . . . . she works at home. How good life is at times.

If you're interested in adopting him, check out his Grateful Dog Rescue page

1 comment:

Judi said...

Aw, Jojo!! I loved his happy grunts when his behind was scratched! Such a mellow dude. Good Luck my friend!