Sep 2, 2008

The Captain

Another sweetheart needing a home, can you believe that Captain
is only 4 years old? He gets the full Spa Treatment, of course. His skin will be better in time.

I call him "Cappy". He is just a lover boy. If you rub his back, he will be your friend forever.

Guessing his breed is a tough one. Maybe the famous Snuggle Terrier, from the ancient Isles of Rivatelah. Although the people of Rivatelah are long gone, the breed has always been admired for their prowess in the art of lap snuggling and their outstanding ability to capture hearts .


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Corinne said...

Not much is known today about the Isles of Rivatelah. They were thought to have been in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England. The scant artifacts that the Rivatelahns have left include many images and partial sculptures of dogs resembling the Snuggle Terrier in loving positions with human companions, indicating a profound intimacy between the two species.

Corinne said...

The Captain has left the shelter.

No more encores!

He went to rescue, so contact us if you're interested in a Snuggle Terrier.