Dec 1, 2008

Underbites and Puppy Love

I've recently returned to volunteering Sunday mornings for Give a Dog a Bone. Boy, did I miss these pups. It's so great to be back. First thing I did: Belly rubs, massages, treats, and genuine affection for Chiqi, the dachshund with an *award winning underbite*. One look at this little man and he will steal your heart for good. THEN...puppy shuttle tour! Yada and Dollar are 3-month-old white pitbull puppies..(yep, puppy smell!).
Give a Dog a Bone works to socialize puppies that are in the custody dog program as much as possible. We tour the shelter with the Puppy Shuttle by introducing them to all kinds of people, environments, sounds, and smells. I was so impressed with how fast these two little ones learn - they aleady know that when they sit, good things happen. Even little Yada who is deaf!

Take a look at this cute overload!


judes said...

Those puppies are amazing. Very well behaved, not mouthy...and sat like champions. And as for Chiqi (Cheeky)..well, he's really blossoming. Watching him run around yesterday was a treat. I love them all!

Pink Sign said...

Hey Core, cute pics. I'm linking your blog to Vicious and Dangerous blog! If you want to share links heres ours. You can copy and past it

Anonymous said...

What an amazing "Give a Dog a Bone" project! This will help the animals to socialize with all kinds of people, environments, sounds, and smells. Good job! Since Christmas is just around the corner, here’s an ecard for you, Merry Christmas!

Mitch said...

Cute pups!

steph said...

Those are really cute puppies! I guess people are gonna admire them in this, Merry Christmas!

fredsmilek said...

Those puppies are adorable!!!

Fred Smilek

Fred Smilek is the acting president of the Society to Save Endangered Species. Fred Smilek along with his dedicated team is making strides each and every day towards their ultimate goal which is the protection of endangered species.