Dec 2, 2009


ok, this is dorky and self-serving,
but I did it anyway.

Chase Community Giving is donating $5,000,000 to charities around the USA through Facebook.

Chase is donating $5 million to charities in your community, and your votes help decide where it goes.

Facebook users are voting for the recipients! And it's easy to do . . . .

Log in to Facebook and do a search for my name (Corinne Dowling), you will see a Chase icon on my wall, click on that to go to their link, and vote for us and any other 501(c)3) that you would like to support.

Muttville. Grateful Dogs Rescue. Wonder Dog Rescue. Gimme Shelter. Toni's Kitty Rescue. Home at Last. While I'm not sure that they are all on Facebook, when you go to the Chase icon, it is easy to search your charities of choice.

And - check out my notes and photos with captions on Facebook.

Non-Profits on Facebook

Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite non-profit in the Chase Community Giving: You decide What Matters campaign.

Cheers, woofs, and wags especially from the you-know-whos.


Leslie said...

Oh, Corinne -- I miss you and I miss being at GADAB so much. Your post prior to this one is so beautiful...

Corinne said...

Oh, how I miss you!! And you know our buddies do too!!!!! thank you