Nov 7, 2007

One sweet moment for Mo

Mo, in a rare, still moment, pauses long enough to receive some love from Sarah Jo.

This little dog's owner was witnessed beating him and was subsequently charged with misdemeanor cruelty. The case went to trial, but the jury hung (6-6). The District Attorney's Office initially made the decision to refile, but then abruptly dismissed the case.

We don't know why. We don't know why little Mo will be going back to the same owner. The futility and sorrow we feel cannot be measured.

The correlation between animal cruelty and cruelty towards human beings has been sadly and profoundly documented. When will we learn what justice for all means? Mo is just one little dog, but he counts. Everybeing does.


Corinne said...

Does anyone feel outraged or angered by this? Are we too immune to respond? Do we not believe that we can make a difference as an individual? Got a minute? Take a minute. Take however long it takes.

The name given to Mo by his owner is Oricha.

To misquote:
Start the change you want to see.

Anonymous said...

This is not a happy outcome, at best ill-thought-out, and at worst inane. I have gone to the link, and written Ms. Harris. I have also noted that in the 18 months I have read this blog, Ms. Dowling is rarely anything but extremely calm and sensible about the disposition of the dogs, which is often less than terrific. I am deeply sorry for Mo, and for those who love him, and for a society in which the well-being of a little dog is insignificant. Thank you, Corinne, for reminding us of our common resonsibility. - Jean

Sarah Jo said...

i'm in utter shock. and disbelief. i'd like to draft an email/letter to the D.A. - I think it would be best if everyone at GADAB can sign it.

Corinne said...

Little Mo's owner came today to pick up his little dog and did not show him one iota of affection, not one hello, not one question as to his welfare, not one pat, not one stroke. Nothing. He barely seemed to notice him.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe more people haven't noticed this! (By the way, I apologize for being "Anonymous", but I am having issues, either computer or memory!, with my posting!) I wrote again to the DA this morning, including the new link as well as the original posting. Poor little guy! What a travesty! - Jean

Corinne said...

Thanks, Jean - it's encouraging to know that others are concerned and will act upon their concerns.