Jan 1, 2007

GADAB's Resolution for 2007

We have a lot planned for the upcoming year at Give a Dog a Bone. The kind people at PetSmart Charities have provided funding for a training manual and video that we plan to release this summer for other shelters nationwide who have an interest in starting up environmental enrichment programs like GADAB. If you have any questions about this or want to know how you can do something similar just write us at info@gadab.org


Corinne said...

Our latest creation: The Puppy Socialization Shelter Shuttle. We're on a tour, introducing a litter of five to anything and anyone we can, from running faucets to people in sunglasses and hats, from bicycles to moving floors (elevators). Wide-eyed and a little nonplussed, we begin to see some tiny wagging tails as they begin to learn about the world.

Jaime Jones said...

Oh, man, my weakness for the GADAB puppies! Corinne, make sure to let me know when you get that manual published. I'd love to see what I could get going here in L.A.