Jan 30, 2007

Good Luck, Murphy

How about a big give-me-paw for our longtime resident, Surfin' Murph. Murphy won his cruelty case and was officially handed over to SF Animal Care & Control last week. Bulldog Rescue swooped in to claim him and that is what we at GADAB call a happy ending. Murph, it's been a pleasure working with you. May you have an endless supply of red bandanas and snout scratches. For those interested, you can check out all of Murph's best pictures from the last year (yes a whole year).


Corinne said...

Surfin's foster mom says that Murph is taking full advantage of the woody fenced-in acre on which she lives with a multitude of beings. When Murphy's not wandering around his new digs, he moseys on back to the house for some lovin' and a good meal. Oh, Murphy, we are so, so happy for you. You may be out of our sight, but you'll always be in our hearts. Such a character you are! So many great memories of you . . . come back and visit us when you find your forever home.

Jaime Jones said...

So glad Murphy found the right home. Good work GADAB team!