Jan 20, 2007

Thinking about a GIANT bone . . .

Big, big yawn from our Snoop . . . . too much fun today, buddy???

And that’s mostly what Snoop is learning with us – how to enjoy life.

Every dog in our care has a “DogLog” – it’s how we track milestones, successes, what works for individual dogs, what one dog might like and another dog might not, along those lines. Although all the dogs for whom we care may not have that happy ending, we give them the best that we can while they’re with us.

Here’s Snoop’s personal DogLog - I don’t think he’d mind if you take a peek –

12/27 Corinne. Snoop’s neighbor is trying to engage him in fence fighting but Snoop is not interested. Good boy, Snoop. Came up to the front of his kennel to greet me, not moving too quickly, head lowered slightly. Hand fed him at his eye level and then kept moving my treat hand up so his head would move up – my theory that body movement can shape emotions seems to be true a lot. In Snoop’s case, he kept his head up even after we began doing other things. Seems like a very sweet dog, very responsive - tries hard, but does have trouble with find-its. He does squint some.

12/28 Kelley. Relaxed in kennel today. -- Takes treats gently. Seems to enjoy hearing a voice. Likes to play *find-it* in the blankets.

12/30 Mark. Snoop is very similar to Capone -- skittish and fearful when I first entered the kennel. Need to be very measured and slow with your movements around them -- Snoop would not leave my side in the park and every object (balls, pool, ramp) was initially cause for some alarm. He is very affectionate and loves having his ears rubbed.

12/31 Susan. Nice visit, nice dog.

1/2/07 Corinne. Had a lot of the same experience with him that Mark did. Startled at the garage door opening - initially stayed close by me, then began running after thrown balls and stuffed toys playfully, dashing back to me and jumping up happily at me. Working on that. Need to keep four on the floor, good buddy. Unsocialized to pretty much everything – was he a backyard dog? Very tolerant to handling, a wanna-be lap dog. He learned today that life can be fun and I think he will break out of his hesitancy and wariness about stuff in the world to which we introduce him. Curious, sniffing around a lot and left my side several times. I put the agility jump down very low and he jumped over it with me several times, went into the kiddie pool, loves praise and affection.

1/5 Leslie. A real sweetie. Very jumpy so we worked to shape a “sit” and he’s almost got it. Lots of stroking and affection when he wasn’t zooming around.

1/6 Mark. First day of confidence-building workshop. Took Snoop out to the yard and got him used to the blue agility tube. Let him sniff it, etc. Tossed some treats in but he showed no interest. Threw the squeaky toy through and got perky ears. While he was sniffing the toy, I walked to the other end of the tube, dropped a treat and called out his name in a high voice. He came all the way through to the other side. Yay, Snoops. Also was able to get him to hop over the jump -- set very low.

1/7 Susan. Moo tube visit.

1/8 Leslie. Crazy time trying to get his collar on to go out -- he was so excited. Once out though, he alternated between zoomies and coming over for stroking.

1/9 Corinne/Kelley. We had a blast today - discovering while filling the pool that Snoop loves to eat the water coming out of the hose. So he got a real workout, dashing about after the hose, in the pool, to the wall, following the hose squiggling around. We then put up the agility jump and he jumped over back and forth to follow the hose end. Not once did he come up on it - strictly a toy for him. He was one tired lad when we brought him back in, ready to settle down with a good chewie after a rubdown to dry him off. He loved every second of that too.


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