Jul 4, 2008

Baloo smiles.

Yeah, I guess you could say I'm kind of a big guy, actually I AM a big guy.
Newfoundlund/Tibetan Mastiff mix, my former guy said. I just moved to the city - I've been a country boy all my life and these city noises, well, I tell you, they just make me nervous.

Right now, I'm over at the SF/SPCA. I either still have the country blues or has all this city stress gotten to my stomach?

The folks at SF/ACC treated me like a prince and I do feel like one sometimes with all the attention that folks give me. Corinne even sings to me and my, I sure love that. My favorite is "Til I met you" - anyone remember that beautiful song? My favorite part, the part that makes me feel so special, goes like this, "there was love all around, but I never felt it at all, no, I never felt it at all til I met you . . . " Corinne remembers her mom singing it and she says her mom's voice is really something.

I also love TTouch, especially along the sides of my body. When I'm being sung to and getting TTouch at the same time, I can just lay right down, close my eyes, and relax. Right now, that's what I want to learn how to do more of - just reeeelllllaaaaaxxxxxxxx . . . . .

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