Jul 21, 2008

Sweetie-Angel-Heart-Baby-Cakes-Doll Face

Hello my name is Sweetie-Angel-Heart-Baby-Cakes-Doll Face. Okay, well it’s my new unofficial name given to me by SJ, a GADAB volunteer. Yesterday, we played fetch for what seemed like hours – it tired me out so much.

One time, she threw the ball up and it got stuck in the tree. Silly, volunteer—I can’t climb trees! Although I wanted to, and I thought about trying…you see, I’ll do anything to retrieve a tennis ball! After many attempts, SJ finally got my ball back down from the treetop and our tennis match resumed. I’m so good that I’ll drop it right in your hand and wait for you to throw it for me again. AND if you should drop it, or if I should place the ball in an inconvenient place for you to pick it up, I’ll re-place the ball near your feet, so it’s easier for you to throw it for me!!

I know what your thinking – this feathery Farah Fawcett-like fur may not make me look like a champion retriever –but I’m telling you – I’m ready for the Olympics. I just need an agent.


Dogman2 said...

I came across your Blog today and after reading a few pages I will say that you all have shown that there are people that really care about these dogs to show them the love that they had lost. I know it's a shame when you read about all the dogs that are left behind or are taken from some bad owners for abusing them. So I just thought that I would like to say… Thanks you for helping out my buddies….The Dogman2

Corinne said...

I moved over to the SF/SPCA, and may still be there, if I haven't found my forever home yet!

xxoo Angel