Jul 18, 2008

A little more to the left, please.

" Oh, gosh. Oh, golly. Oh my.
Oh, my, my, my. My"

"Thanks, gosh, that feels good - nothing like a good massage, up, down, and around my spine - ooh, hit that spot, girl, thanks. I think you may have done this before."

Little Sandy is a guy who knows how to receive.

Many of the dogs with whom we work do not - for many reasons - and if we can get them to trust us enough to touch them, that's big. For all of us - the givers and the recipients. If we get to the belly rub stage for a dog who's afraid of people, it's a marvelous thing. For a dog to position himself in a position of such vulnerability, exposing his belly, that's a dog who's come a long way.

We'd like to thank YOU for showing us trust.

Now how about a little kiss, riiiight here? Thanks, darling man.


rgblog said...
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Anonymous said...

Good info - thanks for sharing!
Four paws up in the air for you