Jul 18, 2008

Wally invites someone, anyone to play with him.

Hey! You, over here, it's me, Wally.
Ready to toss the ball for me? I will drop this one if you show me that one in your hand - isn't that the game? Then you throw the slobbery ball for me while I run to get the clean one and bring it back to you?
Yeah, that's it. Then both balls get slobbery and I don't know why you have issues with that.
No, please - not the ballchucker! I have to run too far and as you can see, I'm not built for that. Handsome, yes, built like a Mack truck, yes again, but, run-very-far, no, run-very-fast, no way. Long periods of ball play, no, not for me, Sir.
So now that you know how I like to play, are 'ya ready?
Let's play!

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